Introduction to Apache Solr from arafalov

Welcome to the collection of resources to make Apache Solr search engine more comprehensible to beginner and intermediate users. While Solr is very easy to start with, tuning it is - like for any search engine - fairly complex. This website will try to make this simpler by compiling information and creating tools to accelerate learning Solr. The currently available resources are linked in the menubar above. More resources will be coming shortly.

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Recent news

July 2015
Analyzers and Update Request Processor lists were updated to Solr 5.2.1
June 2015
Javadoc and search were updated to Solr 5.2.1
March 2015
Analyzers and Update Request Processor lists were updated to Solr 5.0
Analyzers descriptions are now even better (pull implementations' descriptions when Factory's own description is not useful)
November 2014
Presentation slides from Lucene/Solr Revolution 2014: Solr vs. Elasticsearch. Case by Case
October 2014
Project for generating Analyzer and UpdateRequestProcessor hierarchies has been re-written and open-sourced
Analyzer and UpdateRequestProcessor pages now include short descriptions from JavaDoc
Website has been updated for Solr 4.10.1
July 2014
Website has been updated for Solr 4.9
June 2014
SolrStart Masterclass "from zero to hero" was held in Bangkok. The slides are available.
Combined Solr and Lucene Javadocs, backed by Solr search are now publicly available

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