Class ReturnFields

    • Method Detail

      • getLuceneFieldNames

        public abstract Set<StringgetLuceneFieldNames(boolean ignoreWantsAll)
        Set of field names with their exact names from the lucene index.
        ignoreWantsAll - If true, it returns any additional specified field names, in spite of also wanting all fields. Example: when fl=*,field1, returns ["field1"]. If false, the method returns null when all fields are wanted. Example: when fl=*,field1, returns null. Note that this method returns null regardless of ignoreWantsAll if all fields are requested and no explicit field names are specified.
      • getRequestedFieldNames

        public abstract Set<StringgetRequestedFieldNames()
        The requested field names (includes pseudo fields)

        Set of field names or null (all fields).
      • wantsField

        public abstract boolean wantsField(String name)
        Returns true if the specified field should be returned.
      • wantsAllFields

        public abstract boolean wantsAllFields()
        Returns true if all fields should be returned.
      • wantsScore

        public abstract boolean wantsScore()
        Returns true if the score should be returned.
      • hasPatternMatching

        public abstract boolean hasPatternMatching()
        Returns true if the fieldnames should be picked with a pattern