Class GraphQuery.GraphQueryWeight

    • Method Detail

      • normalize

        public void normalize(float norm,
                              float topLevelBoost)
        Description copied from class: Weight
        Assigns the query normalization factor and boost to this.
        Specified by:
        normalize in class Weight
      • buildFrontierQuery

        public buildFrontierQuery(BytesRefHash collectorTerms,
                                                                            Integer frontierSize)
        This return a query that represents the documents that match the next hop in the query. collectorTerms - the terms that represent the edge ids for the current frontier. frontierSize - the size of the frontier query (number of unique edges)
      • extractTerms

        public void extractTerms(Set<Term> terms)
        Description copied from class: Weight
        Expert: adds all terms occurring in this query to the terms set. If the Weight was created with needsScores == true then this method will only extract terms which are used for scoring, otherwise it will extract all terms which are used for matching.
        Specified by:
        extractTerms in class Weight