Interface SolrQueryRequest

    • Method Detail

      • setParams

        void setParams(SolrParams params)
        Change the parameters for this request. This does not affect the original parameters returned by getOriginalParams()
      • getOriginalParams

        SolrParams getOriginalParams()
        Returns the original request parameters. As this does not normally include configured defaults it's more suitable for logging.
      • getContext

        Generic information associated with this request that may be both read and updated.
      • close

        void close()
        This method should be called when all uses of this request are finished, so that resources can be freed.
        Specified by:
        close in interface AutoCloseable
      • getStartTime

        long getStartTime()
        The start time of this request in milliseconds. Use this only if you need the absolute system time at the start of the request, getRequestTimer() provides a more accurate mechanism for timing purposes.
      • getCore

        SolrCore getCore()
        The solr core (coordinator, etc) associated with this request
      • getSchema

        IndexSchema getSchema()
        The schema snapshot from core.getLatestSchema() at request creation.
      • updateSchemaToLatest

        void updateSchemaToLatest()
        Replaces the current schema snapshot with the latest from the core.
      • getParamString

        String getParamString()
        Returns a string representing all the important parameters. Suitable for logging.
      • getJSON

        Returns any associated JSON (or null if none) in deserialized generic form. Java classes used to represent the JSON are as follows: Map, List, String, Long, Double, Boolean