Class Feature.FeatureWeight

    • Constructor Detail

      • FeatureWeight

        public FeatureWeight(Query q,
                             IndexSearcher searcher,
                             SolrQueryRequest request,
                             Query originalQuery,
                             Map<String,String[]> efi)
        Initialize a feature without the normalizer from the feature file. This is called on initial construction since multiple models share the same features, but have different normalizers. A concrete model's feature is copied through featForNewModel().
        q - Solr query associated with this FeatureWeight
        searcher - Solr searcher available for features if they need them
    • Method Detail

      • toString

        public String toString()
        Used in the FeatureWeight's explain. Each feature should implement this returning properties of the specific scorer useful for an explain. For example "MyCustomClassFeature [name=" + name + "myVariable:" + myVariable + "]"; If not provided, a default implementation will return basic feature properties, which might not include query time specific values.
        toString in class Object
      • extractTerms

        public void extractTerms(Set<Term> terms)
        Description copied from class: Weight
        Expert: adds all terms occurring in this query to the terms set. If the Weight was created with needsScores == true then this method will only extract terms which are used for scoring, otherwise it will extract all terms which are used for matching.
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        extractTerms in class Weight