Class BinContentStreamDataSource

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      • init

        public void init(Context context,
                         Properties initProps)
        Description copied from class: DataSource
        Initializes the DataSource with the Context and initialization properties.

        This is invoked by the DataImporter after creating an instance of this class.

        Specified by:
        init in class DataSource<InputStream>
      • getData

        public InputStream getData(String query)
        Description copied from class: DataSource
        Get records for the given query.The return type depends on the implementation .
        Specified by:
        getData in class DataSource<InputStream>
        query - The query string. It can be a SQL for JdbcDataSource or a URL for HttpDataSource or a file location for FileDataSource or a custom format for your own custom DataSource.
        Depends on the implementation. For instance JdbcDataSource returns an Iterator<Map <String,Object>>