Class GeoPointField

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    public final class GeoPointField
    extends Field

    Field that indexes latitude longitude decimal-degree values for efficient encoding, sorting, and querying. This Geo capability is intended to provide a basic and efficient out of the box field type for indexing and querying 2 dimensional points in WGS-84 decimal degrees. An example usage is as follows:

      document.add(new GeoPointField(name, -96.33, 32.66, Field.Store.NO));

    To perform simple geospatial queries against a GeoPointField, see GeoPointInBBoxQuery, GeoPointInPolygonQuery, or GeoPointDistanceQuery NOTE: This indexes only high precision encoded terms which may result in visiting a high number of terms for large queries. See LUCENE-6481 for a future improvement.

    • Field Detail

      • BITS

        public static final short BITS
        number of bits used for quantizing latitude and longitude values
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final FieldType PREFIX_TYPE_NOT_STORED
        Type for a GeoPointField that is not stored: normalization factors, frequencies, and positions are omitted.

        public static final FieldType PREFIX_TYPE_STORED
        Type for a stored GeoPointField: normalization factors, frequencies, and positions are omitted.
    • Method Detail

      • tokenStream

        public TokenStream tokenStream(Analyzer analyzer,
                                       TokenStream reuse)
        Description copied from interface: IndexableField
        Creates the TokenStream used for indexing this field. If appropriate, implementations should use the given Analyzer to create the TokenStreams.
        Specified by:
        tokenStream in interface IndexableField
        tokenStream in class Field
        analyzer - Analyzer that should be used to create the TokenStreams from
        reuse - TokenStream for a previous instance of this field name. This allows custom field types (like StringField and NumericField) that do not use the analyzer to still have good performance. Note: the passed-in type may be inappropriate, for example if you mix up different types of Fields for the same field name. So it's the responsibility of the implementation to check.
        TokenStream value for indexing the document. Should always return a non-null value if the field is to be indexed
      • getLat

        public double getLat()
        access latitude value
      • getLon

        public double getLon()
        access longitude value
      • encodeLatLon

        public static long encodeLatLon(double lat,
                                        double lon)
        31 bit encoding utils *
      • decodeLongitude

        public static final double decodeLongitude(long hash)
        decode longitude value from morton encoded geo point
      • decodeLatitude

        public static final double decodeLatitude(long hash)
        decode latitude value from morton encoded geo point
      • prefixCodedToGeoCoded

        public static long prefixCodedToGeoCoded(BytesRef val)
        Convert a prefix coded geo term back into the geocoded morton long