Class TermGroupFacetCollector

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      • createTermGroupFacetCollector

        public static TermGroupFacetCollector createTermGroupFacetCollector(String groupField,
                                                                            String facetField,
                                                                            boolean facetFieldMultivalued,
                                                                            BytesRef facetPrefix,
                                                                            int initialSize)
        Factory method for creating the right implementation based on the fact whether the facet field contains multiple tokens per documents.
        groupField - The group field
        facetField - The facet field
        facetFieldMultivalued - Whether the facet field has multiple tokens per document
        facetPrefix - The facet prefix a facet entry should start with to be included.
        initialSize - The initial allocation size of the internal int set and group facet list which should roughly match the total number of expected unique groups. Be aware that the heap usage is 4 bytes * initialSize.
        TermGroupFacetCollector implementation